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Welcome to Building Sustainability Assessments (BSA)

Are you building or modifying a residential home or development?

An increasing demand on ever decreasing resources has brought about the introduction of a range of government regulations to increase the "sustainability" of buildings.

All new homes, or already existing homes being altered, must now be designed to allow the occupants to use less potable water, be energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Are you a commercial developer?

All new commercial buildings, including their services, are now required to include features that facilitate the efficient use of energy appropriate to building function, internal environment, location, nearby features, solar radiation, sealing against leakage, air movement for cooling and energy source.

Building Sustainability Assessments (BSA) are an accredited building sustainability assessor and provide a range of services to builders, developers, architects, building designers and home owners to meet the regulatory controls for buildings.

Some of our services include:

BASIX Certificates
Thermal Performance Assessments & House Energy Ratings (Bers)
NCC (BCA) Section J Deemed to Satisfy Reporting
NCC (BCA) Section J JV3 Modelling

SAVE time. SAVE money. SAVE our environment. NO WORRIES!

If you are looking for fast turnaround times and very competitive prices, then you'll be 100% satisfied with our service. BSA is one of Australia's largest thermal performance assessors, assessing, certifying and providing design advice for thousands of developments every year.

We understand the specific requirements of local Councils and other accrediting bodies; therefore we can help to speed up the approval process.

BSA has the expertise to take away much of the stress or worry associated with building design and the associated compliance measures. We can provide you with specialist advice and expertise to help you to design a more sustainable development that is both comfortable to live/work in and cheaper to run.

You'll have a dwelling or development that can save you money, use less water and energy and at the same time have much less impact on the environment.

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